How to Use Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 10 Without ANY Software

In this post, you will be learning how to use Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 10 without any software.

How to Use Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 10 Without ANY Software

Windows PC can be made a wireless hotspot allowing connection with other devices. The Internet Connection Sharing option on Widows will share your internet connection with devices which are connected to your Windows PC.

Although there are third-parties software that performs this function, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has the option by default and doesn’t require an external app for it to function. There is a hidden virtual Wi-Fi adapter feature in Windows, that lets you create a Wi-Fi hotspot even when you’re connected to another Wi-Fi network. If your PC is running a lower version of Windows 10, I would advise you to consider an OS upgrade.

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The Wi-Fi hotspot network can connect up to 10 devices and can be protected with a password to prevent unauthorized access to your internet. As long as your PC is hotspot enabled, turning the device to a Wi-Fi hotspot shouldn’t be a problem.

How to Use Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 10

  1. Start by holding Windows + I keys on your keyboard to launch Settings.
  2. While on the Settings page, click Network & Internet, then from the left-hand of the page, click Mobile hotspot.
  3. Now, from the right of the screen, toggle on Share my Internet connection with other devices option. The Wi-Fi hotspot should be visible and be ready to pair with devices.
  4. Further, if you would like to change the default hotspot network name and password, click Edit. Proceed to change the network name and password and then click OK.
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You have just enabled Wi-Fi hotspot on your Windows 10 PC without ant third-party app. Remember that you can share your internet with as many as 10 Wi-Fi devices connected to your device.

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