How To Use Your Android Phone As A Computer Modem

This post will be discussing How To Use Your Android Phone As A Computer Modem. Tethering has to do with using your phone as a modem. Browsing with your laptop or PC requires an internet connection and this connection is normally from a modem as technology provides. You may not have a modem and you wish to go ahead with your browsing. This article tells you how you can make use of your phone as a modem and surf the web.

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How To Use Your Android Phone As A Computer Modem

Tethering is named for this and this is what this article will explain to you.

Procedures For Using Your Android Phone As A Modem

Check for system update of software

First of all ensure that your software is up to date and you do this by:

a) Going to the settings of your ‘ Android' and then click on ‘About phone' and ‘ system update'.

b) Put on your hotspot and enable the features of your hotspot and this should be an up to date version. The process of locating this is of proper standards and this is across multiple devices.

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Proceed to the ‘settings'

Go to ‘settings' and then go to network and click on ‘ more' and then ‘ tethering and mobile hotspot'. There is password protection for your Android and this ensures that mobile data does not finish. You can also check and do charging for your password. Select ‘ Set Up Wi-Fi hotspot' and then tick ‘ show password' and make sure that password spelling happens accordingly.

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You now click on the option for ‘ Wireless hotspot' and that is the last step that helps hotspot wirelessly. Nominate the Wi-Fi network and this is from the smartphone that you are browsing from. When you are tethering the connection of the internet and with a PC you can enhance more of the settings.

Tethering Wirelessly Above The Connection Of Bluetooth

How To Use Your Android Phone As A Computer Modem
The next procedure for doing this pairing to your computer is through using your Bluetooth and by tethering. Make your device visible to devices of Bluetooth and to do this go to ‘settings' and then to ‘Bluetooth' and select device name. This improves the visibility of your Android and this visibility should be for the rest of the devices.

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Pairing proceeds and this involves getting the signal in your computer. Go then and access the menu of the Bluetooth and then do the pairing of the device. Accessing the internet connection is possible and this is after pairing.

USB tethering

How To Use Your Android Phone As A Computer Modem
It is convenient to tether above Bluetooth and a setup that is simpler is that of USB.
How To Use Your Android Phone As A Computer Modem

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Tethering For Windows 8.1

When you plug in an Android device and this happens to be it's first plugging time. There is a triggering of drivers installation and you let this finish before proceeding. Go to ‘settings' and then proceed with ‘ Networks and wireless'.

Go to ‘tethering and mobile hotspot' and after which you choose ‘USB tethering'. There is a display of the network icon and a connection pops up with a successful connection.

Go to your settings and do an uncheck of ‘ USB tethering' and this is after tethering.

Surfing The Web After Tethering

Get data of up to 2GB a month and surf the web. This article is for using your android phone as a computer modem and this is tethering. Go ahead and surf the internet.

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