How to Watch Reels Videos on Instagram

Have you created short Reel videos or would you just like to view Reel videos from friends? Here, you will be learning how to watch Reels videos on Instagram.

How to Watch Reels Videos on Instagram

Instagram Reels was recently rolled out by the popular tech giant. However, it has been considered as a big threat to TikTok which is still being banned in India among several other Chinese apps.

Instagram Reel let you create 15 seconds of videos and share to showcase your talents or entertain your followers. However, Instagram Stories are much easier to find than Instagram Reels.

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While the feature is still new and has not been activated for every Instagram user, I recently posted a guide to help you create Instagram Reels easily. Also, you can learn to watch Instagram Reels by simply following the guide below.

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How to Watch Instagram Reels Videos

There are lots of ways to see Reels from friends. Follow these easy steps below and start watching Instagram Reels.

Steps to Watch Instagram Reels

How to Watch Reels Videos on Instagram

  1. Launch Instagram and scroll through your feed to spot any Reels video. You can identify a Reels video with Reels logo placed at the bottom-left of the video.
  2. Now, tap the Reels logo and it will take you Reels videos page. You can then watch the particular video looping until you swipe down to watch more.

Alternatively, you can visit the Explore feed tab by tapping the search tool. Locate the Reels video placed at the top and Tap. Further, swipe down to watch more.

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Another way is to visit your Instagram profile page if you have created any Reels earlier by tapping the Reels logo.

Don’t forget Reels videos are limited to 15 seconds instead of the longer 30 seconds duration on TikTok.

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I hope you found this helpful. Lastly, let me know what you think and remember to share this post with friends.

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