HUAWEI Watch GT2e Review: Casual Sport Watch

Fitness trackers tend to be more on the expensive side when it comes to smartwatches, especially with the most premium choices costing at least several hundred dollars. With HUAWEI always on the search for further innovative technology, they have come up with a solution through a sportier model of their Watch GT2, called the HUAWEI GT2e. Not only is the HUAWEI GT2e watch a more sporty smartwatch with enhanced fitness features, but it is also conveniently much less expensive.

HUAWEI Watch GT2e Review: Casual Sport Watch


In terms of design, the HUAWEI Watch GT2e sports a modernly sleek and more casual appeal compared to its previous model, the Watch GT2. The design gravitates towards a more relaxed and sporty look, especially with its ergonomic qualities like the strap that blends nicely into the watch casing. Its dial is large for its size, leaving more than enough room for the watch face and clearly viewing data.

The strap is another noticeable improvement since it now comes in a design riddled with small holes, making it much more breathable and comfortable to wear. The upgraded straps allow for a more cosy and snug-fitting strap surrounding the wrist. Swapping out the strap is also an option, and made quite easy through the integrated pin system for conveniently replacing them in no time.


Featuring a 1.39inch AMOLED display, the HUAWEI Watch GT2e ensures high screen quality and well-detailed images, especially with a pixel density of 326ppi and 454 x 454 display resolution. The display is incorporated quite well into the smartwatch since it seamlessly blends into the outer rim of the dial, which gives it a smooth edge and elegantly harmonious aesthetic. Of course, the HUAWEI Watch GT2e not only appears attractive but can also output some serious performance.

Given its AMOLED display, the HUAWEI Watch GT2e can get impressively bright, and does perfectly well in illuminating the dial even under natural and direct sunlight. This not only makes the GT2e great for effectively viewing data outdoors but also assures that the smartwatch is designed for use throughout various physical and outdoor activities.


The HUAWEI Watch GT2e comes with many fitness and health features that make it easier to track and improve overall wellbeing throughout a wide variety of activities with the use of innovative monitoring systems. With up to 85 custom workout modes, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone to enjoy free or even discover passionately without limits. For those that prefer the more essential and core exercises, then choosing from the 15 choices of professional workout modes should ensure highly-accurate and real-time monitoring to effectively track progress in activities including running, cycling, swimming, climbing, and more.

Tracking is made convenient through the built-in GLONASS and GPS, which are especially useful in outdoor adventures and workouts. Furthermore, the smartwatch includes some preinstalled voice-overs that help keep track of important health metrics and goals, making the HUAWEI Watch GT2e a convenient personal fitness trainer.

HUAWEI Watch GT2e Review: Casual Sport Watch

Health monitoring systems on the HUAWEI Watch GT2e include tracking for blood oxygen saturation, stress, and sleep. The tracking system even offers some useful tips on improving these areas, allowing for a personalized health assessment tool. Especially with HUAWEI’s downloadable Health App, monitoring health data is made convenient and easy to get started.

Battery Life

HUAWEI’s products always seem to have the best batteries that easily outshine their competition. With a large 455mAh battery, the HUAWEI Watch GT2e is able to last up to 14 days on one full charge. Thanks to an innovative mix of an impressively power-efficient processor and energy-saving mechanisms, the Watch GT2e provides some powerfully reliable performance while preserving energy for astoundingly long battery life. Of course, the battery life can vary depending on the usage, the two-week battery holds up quite well and proves to be a fairly accurate estimate of the battery capabilities with the always-on feature off. Keeping the always-on feature activated will reduce the battery life span by a few or so days. Regardless of this option being on and with moderate usage, the HUAWEI Watch GT2e provides a long-enough battery span to satisfy most users and still far exceeds the battery capabilities of most other smartwatches.


Overall, the Huawei gt2e watch is easily well-worth its price considering its high-grade design, exceptionally large battery, and its especially functional features for fitness and health. Although the smartwatch may be somewhat limited to its preinstalled software, it is still effectively well capable of providing and securely storing every workout and health data as a well-rounded smartwatch. Nonetheless, the HUAWEI Watch GT2e is mostly designed for tracking workout routines and monitoring health metrics and does so quite accurately and effectually.

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