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How to Improve WordPress Website Visibility on Google Search

Are you looking for ways to improve website visibility to Google Search engine? Read on!

Ever heard of search engine optimization? And how well do you receive traffic from Google search engine? This discussion is going to share tips with you to improve WordPress website visibility on Google search.

How to Improve WordPress Website Visibility on Google Search

How to Improve WordPress Website visibility on Google Search

There are many search engines including Google search. Just like Google search engine, there are many other popular search engines which include Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.

In a while, we discussed How to Setup Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Blog. This guide considers a do-it-yourself and a step by step approach to implementing SEO successfully on your WordPress website.

In the post, we discussed how to install how to implement various SEO practices and how to add an SEO plugin to your WordPress website.

However, if you are willing to improve your website visibility on Google and other search engines, then you should consider implementing the ideas to be discussed here on your WordPress website.

Steps to Improve WordPress Website Visibility on Google Search

  1. Adding the website as a property

Having an SEO plugin on your WordPress website is not enough to improve your WordPress Website visibility on Google. In fact, you may have an SEO plugin on your blog and still receive no traffic at all.

For a website to start receiving organic traffic from Google, the website needs to be recognized. As well, before a website could be recognized by Google, it has to be added as a property on Google search console.

However, adding your website as a property on Google Webmasters is quite easy. All you have to do is to visit the Google Webmasters page here and click on add a new property.

Further, select a website and add the URL with HTTP or HTTPS version as you want it to be seen on Google search results. If your website, however, does not have a valid SSL certificate, it is advisable to stick to HTTP.

After entering the URL of the website you are adding as property, then submit and proceed to the next step.

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  1. Verifying the website added as an owner

You don’t just add websites as properties on Google webmasters, you also need to get them verified as the real owner of the website.

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After submitting the URL of the website, you are to select one of the available methods of verifications. Most of the times, I consider using alternate tags.

Immediately selecting this option, you will be provided with an HTML tag and all that is required is just to copy and paste on the <head> part of your website.

This option can be easily implemented from the WordPress backend if you understand your way around HTML and CSS codes. You only need to edit the header.php file from the editor page and add the code you’ve copied. Don’t forget to save the page after editing.

However, if you don’t really understand much of these codes and you have Yoast Premium Plugin installed on your WordPress Website, you can easily add the code to the Google drop-in box and save.

Simply click on the SEO tab and then, webmaster tools as shown in the screenshot below.

Webmaster tools on Yoast

After this, click on verify from the Google search console. If you have followed the steps well, your website should have been verified at this time.

On the other hand, if you experience issues implementing this, kindly tell us where you are facing difficulty using the comment option below this article.

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  1. Creation of website sitemap

Just as you already know that a good map can help you locate a particular place in an area easily even if it’s your first time visiting the area.

The same way, website sitemap helps Google and other search engines to locate your websites and what it is made up for. It is highly essential to submit a website sitemap for Google to have access to the website.

Although, not submitting a sitemap doesn’t mean a website will not be crawled by Google crawlers. It only makes the crawling process faster and content delivery easier.

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Creating a website sitemap for your WordPress website is quite easier with a plugin like Yoast Premium Plugin if you have it installed and active on your plugin list.

To initiate the creation of a sitemap, click on open configuration wizard as highlighted in the screenshot below. Also, continue to follow the steps by clicking the next button. Continue with the steps until you have the finish button.

Creation of website sitemap

  1. Addition of sitemap to search console

If you have followed the previous step properly, then you must have created your sitemap successfully. Now that you have it created, the next thing is to submit the sitemap.

How do you submit a sitemap?

From your Google webmasters console, click on Sitemaps, you will be required to provide the sitemap URL. Your website URL is automatically provided, all you need to add is the suffix that leads to the sitemap and that is usually “sitemap_index.xml” without apostrophes.

The sitemap submission page looks exactly as shown below.

Addition of sitemap to search console

After entering the suffix, remember to save and refresh for Google to start reading the sitemap. Within minutes, you will start seeing counts of the number of posts, images, categories, and authors Google can see from your website sitemap.

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  1. Adding meta tags to post’s head

If your website has existing articles on it and you have not been adding meta tags to your previous post, then you need to edit every of your post you want to feature on Google search results.

This is very important for your website and content to be visible and be easily accessed by Google crawlers.

Even though Google’s algorithm is ever-changing, the use of meta tags in articles continues to play a vital role in featuring on Google search results.

As big and tedious as you might think the term is, it is pretty easy to implement with an SEO plugin like Yoast Premium.

If you have it installed on your website, a set-up box is provided by Yoast under the editor for every post to provide the meta tags for your articles.

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Other things that you can easily set-up include SEO title and meta description. The Yoast set-up box looks as seen on the screenshot below.

Adding meta tags to post’s head

  1. Submitting URLs of new articles for crawling

Since you have successfully submitted your sitemap to Google Webmasters, all new posts on your website are supposed to be crawled and discovered by Google automatically.

Although, sometimes, the process can be slow. But, if you want a faster process of crawling, then you can consider submitting your new URLs manually for crawling.

To do this, you only need to click on “URL inspection” and enter the URL. If the URL is yet to be found, then proceed and click on submit for crawling. Submitting twice or more times does not make the process in any way, faster than it is supposed.

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  1. Repeating steps 5,6 and 7 for every new article

To get a result you wanted, you don’t need to just do this for some time and stop later. You need consistency to get an amazing result.

I understand this can be time-consuming and hard at the beginning, but, it really worth it in the end.

Improving WordPress Website visibility on Google Search

We have come to the end of this discussion on how to improve WordPress website visibility on Google search.

Lastly, I believed that after the end of this topic, you must have realized the importance of Yoast Premium Plugin for effective SEO processes. Yoast Premium costs $89 on its advert page.

However, we can help set-up your SEO and get you the latest version of Yoast Premium Plugin for a few bucks. Learn more about the offer.

Thanks for having you on this page today, we sincerely appreciate your time. Remember to share with us your review of this post.

Finally, don’t forget to share this post with friends. Sharing is caring!

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