How to Insert an SD Card in the Leagoo M7 Device

Leagoo M7 is among the newest phones currently trending in the Nigerian's mobile phones market. The Leagoo M7 is a very good-looking phone that is built as a replica of I-phone 7. With a 5.5 inch screen and a fingerprint sensor located at the front, the Leagoo M7 is another amazing device made by the Chinese outlet, Leagoo. In this post, we shall be discussing How to Insert an SD Card in the Leagoo M7 Device.Insert an SD Card in the Leagoo M7 Device

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In addition, the phone features the trending dual rear camera which has a combined 8 megapixel and 5 megapixels that shoot as one, and a front camera of 5 megapixels. In terms of other basic features, the phone comes with a 16gb rom, 1gb ram, and 3000 mah battery. Leagoo M7 is a cool phone especially as it comes with a cheap price which falls in the range of #23,000 to #30,000 in Nigeria. However, setting up your new leagoo M7 may be challenging as buyers are often lost when it comes to inserting their sim card and sd-card into the phone.

How to Insert an SD Card in the Leagoo M7 Device

Below is an illustration of how to set up your sim card and your sd-card in your new Leagoo M7

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First, it is important for you to know that the Leagoo M7 device makes provisions for two nano sim card ports. Moreover, you can either insert two nano-sim cards into the available ports in the phone or you insert one nano sim card and an sd-card. This is simply because the slot provided for the second sim is also the same slot provided for sd-card.

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To insert your nano sim card into your leagoo m7 device, simply follow the light diagram on the ports provided for the sim card. However, to insert your sd-card into the Leagoo M7 device, you simply need to remove your second sim and insert your sd-card in the port provided for the second sim. This is because the same port is provided for the insertion of sim card (sim two) and sd-card.

Below are two images that illustrate this:

Insert an SD Card in the Leagoo M7 Device

Insert an SD Card in the Leagoo M7 Device

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TO PERSONALLY CUT YOUR SIM CARD INTO A NANO SIZE, simply follow these simple steps:

Firstly, get very sharp scissors: you really need a sharp pair of scissors to do this task as you will need to only trim the plastic part, leaving the metal contact uncut or leaving a very small part of the plastic with the metal contact uncut.

Secondly, having got sharp scissors, you now simply need to carefully cut out the metal contact of the sim card. While doing this, you must avoid cutting even a little portion of the metal contact. This is because doing so may damage your precious sim card.

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Insert an SD Card in the Leagoo M7 Device

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