Invite Friends on ZELF and Earn €5 for Every Friend Referred

I am sure you're just hearing about the ZELF platform and its referral program. However, you need not worry because this is not a scam. In this discussion, I will put you through on how to invite friends on ZELF and earn €5 for every friend referred. I will also guide you to send and receive money on the platform.

Invite Friends on ZELF and Earn €5 for Every Friend Referred

Join ZELF NOW and Earn €5 Bonus

What is ZELF?

Zelf is an instant banking platform available in popular messengers. Its customers referred to as “Zelfers” are allowed to perform transactions conveniently without the need to physically appear in a bank, install a banking app, or use their website. You send and receive messages through the messenger apps you use daily.

Zelf uses automated bots to handle financial transactions easily without any problems. Besides, it gives ATM cards for free to new customers. This card can be used to make online payments, receive money, and can be used to make withdrawals from local ATMs and POS.

There are a good number of typical banking platforms like Zelf which includes PayPal, Payoneer, and Payza. However, none of these platforms works with messengers. You can only use their services through the website or banking app. This is what gives Zelf an edge over others.

Is Zelf a Legitimate Platform? Can I trust Zelf?

Zelf is a limited liability company registered commercially in the Republic of Latvia to carry out under the registration number 40203221719.

The company has its headquarters is located at Riga and performs commercial activities with commercial name SIA “ZELF” as a distributor of electronic money under articles I.525-8 following the financial and monetary code in the name and for the account of Treezor.

Zelf, however, is not the first to reward referrers. Over the years, Payoneer rewards its users who refer another to join the platform. Many doubted it back then but a good number used the opportunity to earn online. Also, the WhatsApp banking feature was announced some years back too.

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The company in a tweet announced its partnership with MasterCard to achieve its goal of changing the world's financial system.

Join ZELF NOW and Earn €5 Bonus

How to Join ZELF and Earn €5 Bonus

Before you proceed, you need to take note of the following information.

Zelf can only be used, accessed popular messengers. You must have an account with either WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Viber to join the platform. This guide will make use of WhatsApp since it has the highest number of users.

Also, you can't join unless invited by an existing user. Hence, you need a referral code/link to use the platform.

  • Now to create a banking account, click here using my referral link. This option loads a page requesting you to select your preferred messenger.
  • For WhatsApp users, tap WhatsApp. This action triggers your WhatsApp messenger displaying an automated message “send it MDJUHSJ”. Just tap send.
  • The next prompt asks you to provide your valid mobile number in its international format. For Nigerian users, your number takes the +234 prefix without the leading zero, e.g +2348012345678.
  • A 4-digit verification code will be sent to your mobile number. You are required to copy the code and send it to the WhatsApp chat.
  • It will ask for your full name and you are required to type and send it. This name will appear on the ATM card that will be sent to you.
  • After this process, you will be awarded a €5 bonus and can earn more when you generate your referral link and share it with friends.

Invite Friends on ZELF and Earn €5 for Every Friend Referred

How to Generate Referral Link, invite friends on ZELF and earn €5

  • When you invite friends on ZELF, you earn €5 for every friend referred to. Besides, if a friend you refer also refer another, you get an additional €1.
  • Now to get your referral link, locate your WhatsApp chat with Zelf and reply with “invite”. A QR will also be generated for you that you can share with friends.
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Join ZELF NOW and Earn €5 Bonus

How to Send Money with Zelf

  • To send €20 to Abdulganiyu Taofeek (a Zelfer) as an example, just type “Send €20 to Goodness“. A pin will be sent to your mobile to confirm the transaction.
  • However, to send money to non-Zelfers, you can request for their card number and send a message using the format “Send €20 to card XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX“.

Zelf Review Zelf Review Zelf Review

How to Receive Money on Zelf

There are three ways to receive money. You can either ask for a payment, create an invoice, or send your QR to a fellow Zelfer willing to pay you.

  • To ask for a payment, type “Ask Abdulganiyu Taofeek €5 for coffee”. Besides, you can create an invoice by sending a message of this format, “Create €100 payment for Web Services“.
  • How to Withdraw from Zelf
  • To withdraw your money to a local account, you can simply make payment to your local account using the associated ATM card. Also, your Zelf ATM card can be used to make withdrawals when sent to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About ZELF

To learn more about Zelf or see FAQ about it, you can check this page Here.

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