How to Make Money on Telegram Channels

Today, we shall be discussing How to Make Money on Telegram Channels. Someone reading this want to ask if it's actually possible. It is actually possible to earn money from your Telegram channel.

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How to Make Money on Telegram Channels. Making money from Telegram is only and strictly available to the channels and not groups on the social media platform. Telegram users can make money on their Telegram channels by serving ads from King Ads on the channels.

King Ads is an ad network that serves ads on your Telegram channel and shares 90% of the earnings with you.

How to Make Money on Telegram Channels

  • Download Telegram app from Here.
  • Install and launch it.
  • Visit King Ads from Here.
  • Type /start in the message field and send.
  • Next, type in Register Your Channel and send.
  • Select your form of payment and send.
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Note that If you choose bitcoin, you will be required to send your valid bitcoin address for payout.

Immediately after your successful registration, King Ads will start displaying ads on your Telegram channel. Interestingly, King Ads do not broadcast more than five (5) ads per day.

You can also earn by sharing your referral link with your friends.

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