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How to Make Money Online Selling Paintings

Are you a professional artist with a passion for making amazing artworks and drawings? We have something cool for you. In this article, we are going to be discussing how to make money online selling paintings.

How to Make Money Online Selling Paintings

Gone are the days where artists only draw or paint for passion. In this cool new world, you can easily get your artworks sold online and make money. How?

How to Make Money Online Selling Paintings

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There are a lot of ways to make money selling paintings, but the most convenient way to get them sold online is by selling through websites and eCommerce stores that allows selling and buying of paintings.

There are certain websites that let you buy and sell your paintings and artworks, we shall be discussing those websites as we proceed in our discussion.

Best Websites to Make Money Online Selling Paintings


ArtLondon offers one of the most amazing art fairs to buy and sell contemporary fine art online. It decides on the price to get an artwork listed based on how professional is the drawing.

To get your paintings and other artworks listed on the platform, all you need to do is to submit your work here.

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Artmajeur houses millions of original artworks including paintings, sculpture, sketches, and sculpture. It is one of the few best art marketplaces with about 150,000 contemporary artists to buy from.

However, to sell on Artmajeur platform, you will need to select between the basic plan (which is free) or the paid platinum plan


Artweb will make you an independent artist by helping you to build your artist’s website within minutes.

To become an artist on Artweb, you will be required to select a plan out of the three available plans available. These plans are the free plan, the basic plan at £4.79/month and the pro plan at £8.13/month when billed yearly.

In addition, one more beautiful feature of Art web, they don’t charge any commission when you sell your work.

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Arts-mart is yet another artwork eCommerce store where artists can get their work listed and purchased.

However, to sell your art with Arts-mart, you are required to send a submission to the site administrator and provide certain information about yourself and your work. Once this is done, they will review your application and give a response.

To learn more about setting up your Arts-mart profile, visit their sell your artwork page.

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Fine Art America

Fine Art America has millions of unique art product on its platform. Artists as well can sell their artwork online through Fine Art America when you have an account with them.

Each artist set their own prices for their artwork and keep all the profit they made when they sell them.

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My Best Canvas

MBC is an online art gallery which allows people to buy and sell original paintings. It connects a buyer directly to the seller without taking any commission.

However, an artist is required to pay a monthly subscription fee of $4.16/month taken as the cost of running the website throughout the month.

Original Art

Original Art gallery will help you sell your art easier, faster and at a reduced cost.

On the platform, original artwork including paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, and prints can be listed to be sold to buyers around the world with no commission.

However, an Original Art account comes with a free 6 months’ trial.

Saatchi art

Saatchi Art is a platform to get your artwork sold online. Getting an account on Saatchi Art is free and as well as shipping of artworks. A commission of 65% is however taken on every successful sale of artwork.

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Shopify can help you make a name for yourself in the art industry by helping you build an online presence.

With Shopify, all you need to get your paintings sold is to create an eCommerce store to showcase your work. It only requires minutes to have an online store on Shopify.


Zatista will connect and help you sell your artworks to people who are willing to buy across all continents.

Before you can have an account on Zatista, you are required to apply. The process of application can be found here.

These are the best websites to make money online selling paintings. I would advise that you check out the websites listed above and get your paintings listed for a unique chance to make money online.

Finally, we have come to the end of the discussion on how to make money online selling paintings. I sincerely believe that you have gained one or two things while reading this discussion.

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