How to Make Money Online Taking Surveys with Pinecone Research

In a little while back while I was discussing websites to make money online taking surveys. It might sound too good to be true but you can make money online taking surveys with Pinecone Research.

In case you missed the last update on this website. We discussed What to Sell to Make Money Online for the benefit of those who may want to start an online business.

How to Make Money Online Taking Surveys with Pinecone Research

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is one of the leading survey panels that help companies improve on their products and services rendered by allowing individuals to voice their opinion while taking part in online surveys for such companies.

One of the good reasons why I like this platform is its early payout and great product testing. However, they are selective in picking participants. To be truthful to you, I have not been approved into their survey panel.

Approval depends on the demographics of their current users’ database and specific demographics their client wants.

Who Runs Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is managed by a market research company based out of New York known as Nielson. Nielson has been reported to be a member of Casro – an association for market research companies. You can also check on the member profile here.

This means that it is operated by a legitimate market research company. This can be affirmed by checking their Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) profile.

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What to expect from Pinecone Research?

Survey rate

Pinecone Research only sends you surveys you are qualified for based on your demographic. As a result, you get less email and short surveys you can quickly take part and get paid.


You get $3 for every survey you take part in your early days. As you stay longer on the website, you stand a chance of getting a rise in payment and can get up to $5 per survey.

The minimum amount you must have to request for payment is $5, payment can be made by either PayPal or check, and payments are processed between 24 to 48 hours.

Product testing

Pinecone research offers product testing to their users allowing their members to get and try free kinds of stuff mailed to them and give feedback after the usage.

There are no special criteria to be eligible for product testing, some of their users have reported that they have at a time or the other, gotten products to be tested in their home without prior notification.

Bi-Weekly contest

Pinecone Research allows its members to take part in a bi-weekly contest of $500. All you need to participate is to complete multiple surveys as possible. This means that every completed survey allows you to get paid, can get you a pay rise and will allow you to take part in the bi-weekly contest.

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How do I join Pinecone Research?

If you would like to join their platform, try filling out your profile on their website before signing up using this link.

After this, they decide whether to accept or reject you. However, it is not like it’s impossible to get their approval. I have friends who have been approved multiple times. If you finally get approved, then I can’t help but be jealous.


Pinecone Research is a good survey website to join and make money online. However, they are selective in who they enroll in their platform. So, endeavor to try your luck by registering through the link above.

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We have come to the end of the article on how to make money online taking surveys with Pinecone Research. If you have tried or willing to try them out, let us know by leaving your feedback as comments below.

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