How to Make Your Smartphone Charge Faster

This post will be discussing How to Make Your Smartphone Charge Faster.

How to Make Your Smartphone Charge Faster

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If you are addicted to your phone just like I am, then you will surely understand how painful it could be to charge your phone for hours without using it.

If your phone has a good battery capacity, then you need to make it charge as fast as possible within the time.

How to Make Your Smartphone Charge Faster

1. Allow the Phone to Charge

Most people have cultivated the habit of using their phone while charging.

In my own case, I stopped this when I noticed I was killing my battery life. Full charge time for my phone is approximately two hours. But if I'm using it while charging, it may never reach 100% in 5 hours.

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You might be doing yourself a favour by ignoring the phone till it's properly charged.

2. Enable Airplane/Flight Mode

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When a phone is in Airplane or Flight mode, all apps and services including all background running apps will stop running and this will help your phone charge faster.

To enable flight mode on your device, drag down the notification tray from and tap on the “Aeroplane” icon. To put it off after your phone is charged, repeat the step again.

3. Charge with a Power Adapter

Charging your phone from a USB port on any device with only make it charge slowly.

Use your follow-come adapter or but an original one from Sellers and you will give glory to God.

4. Enable Power-Saving Mode

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Not all phone have this feature. But if you are among the lucky ones, try enabling it when charging.

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You can also enable it to save your phone from running out of power when there is no electricity supply.

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