Newly Released Google Job Search Feature to Tackle Unemployment Rate

In a new development, Google released Job search feature in its search engine. The New Google Job Search Feature is designed to tackle unemployment rate throughout nations of the world. It will help its' users explore, research and find employment opportunities from across the web all in Google search.

According to the leading technology firm;

“Finding employment is still very difficult for many people. Hence, this new job search experience will help the millions of Africans searching for new opportunities.”

The high rate of unemployment in most Africa is expected to be reduced with this new Google Job Search.

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Also, the new job search feature will make users explore jobs opportunity from across the world. The introduced job search feature is said to be working with Google Maps and alerts to give users a complete understanding of the location of the job found, in hand with information about positions available.

Google Job Search Feature experience is currently available in some African countries including Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.

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