New Grammar Checker in Microsoft Word Windows 10 Now Uses AI

To make you writing easier and better, AI is now used for the new grammar checker in Microsoft Word Windows 10.

New Grammar Checker in Microsoft Word Windows 10 Now Use AI

New Grammar Checker in Microsoft Word Windows 10 AI

Microsoft Word newly added grammar checker is a feature added to a recently developed Microsoft Editor. The editor now uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to properly identify grammars and typos.

Although, the previous Word’s Windows 10 releases comes with a grammar checker highlighting errors. However, the tool now makes use of AI to check your writing mistakes.

Besides, it would make advanced suggestions to enhance clarity, formality, inclusiveness and many other writing essentials. It helps in highlighting sensitive geopolitical references could help improve overall writing experience.

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The feature has been working with the Microsoft Word Editor web version for some time and is expected to be coming to Windows 10 on desktop version soon. But, it will likely be released first to users on the Insider program providing them with the early access to this and more features for testing.

How it Works

The new Microsoft Editor will highlight errors as it does traditionally. However, it will now provide suggestions to a word including synonyms and meanings using a menu. To see this menu, you need to select a word, then press Shift + F10 or Alt + Down.

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Besides, there is a plagiarism checker that comes with it. This will help you to properly cite your work helping you reduce similarities with other already published works.

If you are enrolled in the Windows Insider program, ensure you are running the latest Windows Version 2010 (Build 13328.20000) and you can have access to the Editor in Word. Other regular users are to wait till it’s roll-out officially.

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