New WhatsApp version comes with UI to connect on multiple devices

The new Android version of WhatsApp comes with UI to connect on multiple devices. Also, WhatsApp now to share user's data with Facebook.

New WhatsApp version comes with UI to connect on multiple devices share data with Facebook

New WhatsApp version comes with UI to connect on multiple devices

This update has recently been submitted to Google Play and now available for WhatsApp Beta testers. The version, Beta is named as New UI – Linked Devices.

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For now, it is only made available to some users. Even if you have enrolled in Google Play WhatsApp Beta Program, it is still unlikely that you can’t see the feature. It was disclosed that WhatsApp is gradually rolling out the feature. So, if you are unable to see the new UI at the moment, please wait some more until another update is released.

However, the new interface will be used to manage multiple devices. As a matter of fact, you will now be allowed to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices.

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Now that WhatsApp is rolling out the new UI, it might take some time for it to reflect on your account. Just ensure you always have the app updated on your mobile.

WhatsApp New Policy to Share Data with Facebook

In another news, WhatsApp is reported to be forcing its new privacy policy on users. The new policy includes sharing WhatsApp user’s data with the instant messenger owner, Facebook.

It was confirmed that an in-app notification was sent to some users already asking to accept an updated privacy policy which would take effect from 8th of February, 2021. After, you won’t be able to continue using WhatsApp unless you accept these, as sent.

Before, Facebook promised to keep WhatsApp users data private from the primary body, Facebook, when it bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. However, the new development looks like a complete reverse from the previous statement.

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