NIMC: Nigeria NIN holders will pay for these services

NIMC has disclosed that Nigeria NIN holders will pay for certain services. Owners of the National Identification Number (NIN) issued by the Nigeria National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) will pay for services like changing of information or replacing their NIN slip or card.

NIMC: Nigeria NIN holders will pay for these services

NIMC: Nigeria NIN holders will pay for these services

According to a piece of information disclosed by Funmi Opesanwo, the regional coordinator, Nigeria National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), that payment of modification fee and processing fee is required for certain services.

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According to her, the commission provides other kinds of services apart from NIN issuance. They can help you correct already submitted NIN data like your name, address, or help to replace your NIN slip or card or renew your card.

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Although enrollment for NIN is free, the services highlighted above are not.

NIMC NIN Service Fee

For correction of data, like change in date of birth, a processing fee of N15,000 is required. However, if you want to change your address or alter your name, you are to pay N500 fee only.

If you have lost your NIN slip, you can easily request for a reprint from any NIMC centre around you. However, the NIMC mobile app will help you have access to a digital copy of your card and records.

Last, to replace or renew your NIMC card, a processing fee of N5,000 is necessary.

In summary, for date of birth correction, the processing fee is N15,000. Also, for card replacement or renewal, N5,000 processing fee must be paid. However, for change of address or name, you pay just N500.

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Opesanwo included that many people did misinterpret this information and spread fake news around that the NIMC is requesting money from people when in reality, the payment is just for certain services.

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