NIN Enrolment Made Easier with Glo Appointment Manager

Glo has just launched the Appointment Manager app to make it easier and more convenient for people to register for their National Identity Number (NIN). Enrolment for NIN just got easier.

NIN Enrolment Made Easier with Glo Appointment Manager

NIN Enrolment Made Easier with Glo Appointment Manager

The national telecommunication company developed an app that allows people to book for the NIN enrolment exercise online.

If you are willing to register for NIN, you can easily use the app to choose a day, time and a Gloworld outlet around you for the exercise. Thereby, taking away the usual stress experienced by many when registering for NIN.

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A statement from Globacom released in Lagos on Tuesday reads:

“The Appointment Manager was unveiled to help our numerous subscribers and Nigerians in general to reduce the stress involved in the NIN registration process”.

“Customers will then receive an SMS notification with an ID, Scheduled date and shop to visit which he will present at the shop”.

It was further added that the utilization of the app will see people walk through this process without any hassles and without having to waste time. It ensures registration is done in a safe and Covid-19-compliant environment since just fewer people will be in attendance.

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Glo subscribers should take advantage of the Appointment Manager app for their NIN registration. Besides, they can link their NIN with their mobile numbers as well. To link, just send NIN as a text message to 109 or dial 109NIN# from your line. Alternatively, you can call 109 to update your NIN by voice.

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