Project Pioneer Review – Is This Course 100% Legitimate?

Connor Shelefontiuk claims to have developed a proven system to run his eCommerce business to the $400,000/ month mark: The Project Pioneer Protocol.

Project Pioneer Review - Is This Course 100% Legitimate?

And he has packed his method and his expertise into a new online program that promises to help you build your own 6-figure dropshipping business step by step.

In this article, I’ll review his Project Pioneer course to determine whether it’s a reliable dropshipping training program or not.

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But first, let's take a closer look at Connor:

Project Pioneer Review: The Founder

Connor is a young, but an extremely successful entrepreneur.

He’s achieved so much in his young life, that it’s pretty fair to ask how he got there. Connor has built several successful dropshipping stores and has also helped dozens of entrepreneurs launch their own eCommerce businesses with his popular Project Pioneer course.

His own strategy was to learn about successful people and implement what they did in his own life, which led him to success.

Project Pioneer Review - Is This Course 100% Legitimate?

But, What’s Dropshipping?

The great thing about dropshipping is that you don't need to worry about inventory or shipping, and you can start a store with little money.

A lot of the work is upfront, though, and there are a few issues to be aware of. Namely: knowing what products to sell, finding suppliers for those products, listing products on your store, and getting traffic to your store.

It's not enough to just find cheap products from China and stick them on a website – there's more to it than that.

That’s why it’s important to find a good course like Project Pioneer or H-com 3030 if you want to make money with dropshipping.

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Let’s check if that’s what Project Pioneer provides:

Project Pioneer Course Breakdown

Part 1 – Mindset

The first module of the Project Pioneer program is about building your mindset for eCommerce before you even get started. Your success depends on understanding the industry and this module will give you a very good base to start from.

Part 2 – All you need to get started

The next step is to start testing. The way you do that is with Connor’s Pioneer Protocol. In this module, he’ll teach you his streamlined system for making a few sales quickly and then testing to find a product that will be worth scaling.

Part 3 – Identify and Take Action

In this part, you will learn how to find an amazing product for your store. Most people think they need to create a product from scratch in order to make money online. In reality, there are thousands of products that sell themselves on Amazon.

In this lesson, Connor will show you how to find products that are already selling, with good margins, low competition and huge search volume.

Part 4 – Test

In this module, you'll create a Facebook ad campaign and test it using the audience you’ve built in the previous steps. You’ll also analyze the results.

This is a short but effective module. It's important to understand what happens in your sales funnel to plan your sales strategy.

Part 5 – Optimization

This module explains how to refine your targeting so you're only spending on people likely to click. Optimization is extremely important when running ads because you want to only target the groups who will respond best. Otherwise, you're throwing darts in the dark.

Part 6 – Scale

In this section, you will learn 3 types of scaling: budget scaling, audience scaling, and ads scaling. By trying out different strategies, you'll be able to figure out what will best fit your eCommerce business.

Part 7 – Replicate & Maintain

Project Pioneer makes it clear: it's not a good idea to stop improving your product when it's still making you money. You never know when it might stop working. In this seventh section of the course, you’ll learn different ways to make your product even more effective in the long run.

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Part 8 – Email and SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing campaigns are the best means of getting more customers through your virtual door. In this module, you'll learn about the best tools, campaigns, and flows that you can use to make sure your campaigns are effective.

Part 9 – Bonuses

Connor will show you how to configure your advertising campaigns, your marketing strategy, your destination pages, and much more.

Is the Project Pioneer course 100% Legit?

The course is 100% authentic. Project Pioneer is a comprehensive course that covers the critical skills required to be successful with dropshipping. It takes you through the basics, teaches you how to conduct market research, and helps you choose the products to sell. You also get access to a private forum where they help you solve your questions related to dropshipping and eCommerce.

Should You Join Project Pioneer?

There are a lot of people out there who offer courses on how to start a successful dropshipping business. Most of them offer training that is almost worthless. This course, Project Pioneer, is different.

Project Pioneer is different because, as I’ve mentioned above, it's legit and high quality. It was created by a self-made eCommerce entrepreneur who knows what it takes to make money with dropshipping.

Connor has created a course that teaches you the skills you need to succeed and earn money as quickly as possible. The information in Project Pioneer is valuable and will save you time and money as you learn how to create your own dropshipping store from scratch.

Project Pioneer Review - Is This Course 100% Legitimate?

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