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Security Tips To Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Being Hacked



This post will be discussing Security Tips To Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Being Hacked.

Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Being Hacked

Bad guys are now  everywhere in the whole world doing wrong things either for fun or for cash. While they keep doing the bad act, it is very essential for you to be security wise by protecting your social media accounts from these preys.

Even though most countries of the world frowns with illegal hacking to the extent that sentence hackers to death. Cases of hacking have been so common and rampant nowadays that even celebrity accounts also fall into victims. These group of people most of the times only indulge in it to derive satisfaction or for fun.

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I remembered a time my system was hacked down with the hacker threatening me to pay a ransom so as not use my passwords and files against me. That’s how they work!

It is very essential for you to follow these security tips to get yourself and your account safe and protected.

Hackers now hack social media accounts in order to perform their fraudulent acts and of course, to easily get away with it.

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Below are my security tips and measures to get your accounts under protection.

Security Tips To Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Being Hacked

  • Never give out your social media accounts details on any websites.
  • Always keep your account verified and Updated.
  • Make sure to always use your real name – it will help you for verification purposes.
  • Always use two-factor authorization – No one will ever log in to your account without you been notified.
  • Avoid downloading Apps and other files from untrusted sources – malware is everywhere.
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Don’t be an hackers victim, always be protected by keeping this tips handy!

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