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Are you willing to sponsor a post or an article? Then, read on!

At Livetechnoid.com, we do accept paid sponsored blog posts and articles submission. If you are looking for an opportunity to publish your post, why not consider this great offer?

Sponsor A Post with Livetechnoid.com

Livetechnoid is a fast-growing technology plus finance websites with thousands of readers across all continents. As a result, we would like to help you promote your business through sponsored post publishing on our websites.

Are there any terms to publish a post on Livetechnoid.com?

Of course, there are terms, conditions, and guidelines that an article must meet before it can be considered worthy of been published on Livetechnoid.com.

A sponsored post to be submitted must

  1. Be original texts and not copied from anywhere.
  2. Be well written and optimized for search engines.
  3. Contain a minimum of 800 words and 10,000 maxima.
  4. Contain at least an image related to the context.
  5. Not contain gambling or adult related texts or links.
  6. May contain outbound links but not with the aim to mislead our readers.

Is publishing sponsored posts on Livetechnoid.com free?

Of course, we don’t publish sponsored posts on our website for free. However, we offer the service at a relatively cheap price to our competitors.

If you are thinking it will cost you up to $50 or $100, then, you must be wrong. Our price is cheaper than you can ever imagine. A few bucks will make your content go live and viral almost immediately after your payment.

If you have any well-written article ready, make haste in sending an email to admin@livetechnoid.com requesting for the price of our sponsored posts publishing service. In addition, remember to attach the details of the article you will be submitting for publishing and declare the payment method you use.

We hope to hear from you soon!


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