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How to Stop Purchase Failed Error on Opera News App

Just towards the ending of last month, Opera started giving #50 bonuses to everyone that download the App and also #100 to everyone that refer people to download the App. Recently, an error was detected saying Purchase Failed Error anytime users want to recharge with the App. This is why I will be teaching How to Stop Purchase Failed Error on Opera News App.

Stop Purchase Failed Error on Opera News App

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How to Stop Purchase Failed Error on Opera News

Anytime you experience an issue like this on your Opera news app, it is possible that you have a poor network connectivity or it's an error from Opera's server.

All you need to do is to try the following tweaks.

  1. Switch off your mobile data and switch on again.
  2. Check if other Apps on your smartphone are working properly with your data connectivity.
  3. If (2) is successful, try to restart your phone and launch the Opera news app again.
  4. If the problem persists, Go to Settings > Apps >> Opera News and tap the clear cache option.
  5. In case it still did not work, it is possibly caused by the Opera servers. You have to wait some hours and try again.
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If it works for you, kindly drop a comment below as mine was rectified using this method. is on Google News! To show your support, kindly follow our publication.

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