Technology and the Common Languages Used in Web Development

Would you like to know what technology is used for web development and as well as the common languages used in web development? You are in the right spot.

Technology and the Common Languages Used in Web Development

This discussion will span through the various kinds of technology used in web development and also discuss the factors language developer considers for web designs and why.

What technology is used for web development?

Before we begin this discussion, it should be well noted that different languages perform better with different tasks and this does not necessarily make one language better than the other.

Some of the factors that give a language an edge over some others are;

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The quality of a language being expressive refers to how easy it is for language users to learn, understand, and use the language.

As a matter of fact, any web developer will choose a language he truly understands to have more time interacting with the designs.



This refers to how reliable, dependable, and trustworthy a language is. How easy a language to test, debug, and review goes a long way. Besides, good language must be able to protect a website and its customers from any form of threat.


Technology and the Common Languages Used in Web Development

Web programmers often take into account, the performance of a website when a language is used for its design. This measure includes how well it can handle a considerable amount of traffic to the website and how well and easy it is for users to perform the activities the website provides.

Also, some programming languages perform better than others when optimized.

There are lots of programming languages web developers often choose from. Their choice is most times, determined by how familiar and comfortable they are when using any.

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Let's quickly discuss some of the most common languages used in web development

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Common Languages in Web Development


HTML is used as a basic starting language in creating awesome designs for a website. It determines the layout and structure of a website and would allow one to create a stunning website with not many codes.

HTML is widely considered as what makes up the skeleton of a website.

2. CSS

CSS works hand-in-hand with HTML. It describes how a website is presented and when used with HTML, could add colours, backgrounds, layouts, and describe the font type and sizes.

3. Java

Java unarguably is the most popularly used independent programming language purposely because of its adaptivity and other great features. It can be used in making apps, games, and of course, websites are not left out.

Consequently, Java is the first choice of the programming language of many programmers due to its adaptivity and because it is more secure than most programming languages. Java made our list of Best Languages to Write Games.

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4. Python

Python is easy to learn and work with. It uses simple syntax that developers could easily work with. Python can be used to create a basic framework for any kind of website. Some of the popular websites that use python are Instagram and Pinterest.

5. JavaScript

JavaScript is a coding language used in adding interactive elements to websites. It helps in building a website that users can easily relate to. JavaScript can be used for many things in web development and improving user engagement is just one of them.

6. PHP

PHP is an open-source coding language that is widely used. It can be easily tweaked to meet the demand for a business or website.

PHP is mostly used for heavy websites and also for app development. Websites like Facebook and WordPress uses PHP to manage their heavy data.

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PHP is easy to learn and very effective when used.


7. SQL

SQL is a database query language that can't be used alone. Instead, it is used along with other languages to cater to the needs of a website.

8. .NET framework

The .NET framework helps to provide a set of guidelines and instructions which are used in web and mobile-based apps development.

It works hand in hand with various web programming languages including C#, C++, VB.NET, and F#. .NET framework also provides support for both simple and complex data structures due to its huge database of pre-written codes.


Angular is a platform that makes app and web development easy. It is an open-source front-end application that is also type-script based. Angular is co-led by the Angular team at Google, a community of individuals and companies.

Finally, here is the end of the discussion on common languages used in web development. I also believe that I have been able to provide answers to the question, what technology is used for web development?

Let's hear your thoughts through comments, and if you find this article helpful, ensure you share it with friends.

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