Tips to Remove a Hacker from Your Phone

In this post, you will be learning the tips to remove a hacker from your phone.

Tips to Remove a Hacker from Your Phone

Our smartphones hold some information about us. This may include the footprint of who we are, the things we do, people we meet, financial records and more. However, this information is the topic of interest to some criminal hackers. This is the reason why you must ensure the phone security is strengthened at all times.

Hacking a mobile is possible when a phone user unknowingly downloads spyware transmitting detailed information of their activities in real-time. Sometimes, this could include login in details such as email, phone number and passwords used to access specific websites.

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It is very easy for a smartphone to be infected with malware. In fact, one you are made to download malware, your device is no longer safe for you. If you suspect that your phone is acting strange and you’re likely not in control of the phone, or you feel unsafe when using the phone, here is what you should do.

Tips to Remove a Hacker from Your Phone

Try a Security Scan

When you notice your phone is under attack, the first thing to do is to be sure that you are been hacked. That is to say, you will need to run a security scan on your smartphone.

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Consider installing a good mobile protection antivirus or spyware to make a quick scan of your Android or iOS device. A spyware app would be able to scan through your phone and retrieve sensitive information about your device that are dangerous or being leaked.

Based on your choice of Android spyware app, some can be able to monitor and retrieve information on who is accessing your device behind you, flag any malicious app, spam texts and calls. Also, ensure you update the security app to ensure the security module is up to date.

Spyware apps are usually not added to the App Store. Certainly, the apps do require special permissions which could tamper with system-level function and lead to jailbreak. Therefore, iPhone users should check and re-check that no one has installed any security app that could lead to jailbreaking your device.

Act on Scan Result

Next on tips to remove a hacker from your phone is to act on scan results. After scanning your device, if there is any malicious software found, it is highly advisable to uninstall them.

Also, take care of spam contacts and messages, and ensure you are using a phone with a safe environment. Besides, ensure you take steps to prevent future hacking attempts.

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Stop Ads

Sometimes, your device could be acting up not because of malware but ads. Ad pop-ups are very common on Android devices, especially when you install the free version of mobile apps. So, try to install premium counterpart only to prevent ads from taking over your phone.

Block Browser Pop-Ups

Android and iOS users can block pop-ups from settings on their mobile browser. Also, ensure you check website data from your browsing history and clear data for any website that looks unfamiliar or you can’t remember visiting them.

Update your Apps and OS

Ensure you update installed apps from iOS App Store or Google Play, as the case may be for your device. Also, always check if there is an upgrade for your OS.

Do a Factory Reset

If your phone is still acting up after taking all these steps, the only way to go is by considering a factory reset for your device. You may want to clear up your device and start all over, afresh.

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