Top 10 Ideas To Make Your Staycation Free Of Boredom

With travel restrictions being imposed thanks to the pandemic, it's time to turn your home into an entertainment zone and enjoy a staycation! If you're not aware of the term, it's taking a vacation at home.

If you find the term confusing, we'll help you out with some innovative ideas to have the best vacation of your life from the comfort of your home. All you need is some creativity and imagination, and you're done. To know more about staycations, read on.

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Top 10 Ideas for a Memorable Staycation

Here are some staycation ideas that you can consider:


When it comes to indoor games to play with your family, it doesn't get easier than Ludo. This favourite of all Indian families needs just a ludo board and four players. Each player chooses their corner that comes in four different colours, red, blue, green, and yellow.

Each player has four tokens of different colours and the player or team to get all four or eight tokens in the home triangle is the winner. You can capture your opponent's tokens and send them packing to the starting point. To start the game, you need to roll the dice and get a six.

Can't find your board, just go online and play the ludo game with your friends and relatives in any part of the world!

Virtual Tours:

Technology has made travelling so easy! There is no need to pack your bags or book your airline tickets, just download the game and go for your virtual vacation. With high-end graphics, you can go to any part of the world and get a feel of the place.

Top 10 Ideas To Make Your Staycation Free Of Boredom

Travel to see the Eiffel tower, the Statue of Liberty in New York, scenic Switzerland, or a Wildlife Park in Africa. Whatever your passion, you can find a customized virtual tour at a fraction of the cost of an actual tour. You can arrange for some art and craft activity while you are on a tour that the whole family can enjoy.

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Trip to the Beach

You don't need the beach to have some beachside fun. Create a fun atmosphere at home, complete with beachwear, sun hats, shades, beach ball, and flip flops. Get that inflatable pool, fill it up, and let the children dive right in.

Put on some peppy music to get into the mood. If you can arrange for some sand, create a sandpit, and hide some treasure for the children to dig up. Plant a beach umbrella, read a book, and sip home-made juices.


Use some colourful red paper, use some LED lights for a campfire, and set up your tents in your living room. Get some khaki camping gear, a backpack, biscuits, a flask for some hot coffee or chocolate, sandwiches, and sweet rolls.

Switch off all lights in the room to make things look real. Use flashlights for reading out a story, sing songs, download an app for stargazing, and curl up into your tents when the day is over.


When you have Olympics for your family, you get familympics! Find out if you have a Usain Bolt in your family with the Family Olympics. Organize fun events like a spoon race, sprint, or relay race.

Try basketball with your laundry basket as the hoop and find out who wins. Include board games like online carrom or chess to make things more competitive. Design home-made medals and certificates for a victory ceremony followed by drinks and snacks.

Virtual Museum Tour

Turn your staycation into a funcation or fun with education by taking a virtual tour of the museum. Go for tours of world-famous museums like the Museum of Natural History or the Smithsonian Museum.

Have a fun quiz after you finish the tour and declare winners. Dress up with home-made period costumes to add some excitement to the museum tours.

Upside Down Time

Why do we need to go by the rules every day? So start the day with ‘Goodnight' instead of ‘Goodmorning' to get the children excited. Instead of serving dessert last, begin your meals with a dessert.

Replace the breakfast menu with the dinner menu for a day. Let the children decide what they want to eat and give them some chores so that you can enjoy some ‘me time'.

Treasure Hunt

Relive your childhood fantasy with Treasure Hunt. Plant goodies all over your home and then draw a treasure map with clues. Not only will the children be excited about cracking the clues, but they also get a tasty snack to celebrate.

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You could ask children to find certain objects in your home having certain colours. When they complete the task, let them celebrate with their favourite drinks and snacks. Make sure you plan this treasure hunt while the children are asleep to make things more exciting.

Junior Chef

Children are now becoming chefs too. If your children enjoy cooking, organize a ‘junior chef competition' at home. Let them cook their favourite dishes, and you be the judge with all children getting some gift or the other.

Have a ‘blindfold test' round and let them identify the ingredients. Design paper hats and aprons for them to give them the ‘real feel.' Let them test their fine motor skills with challenges like ‘shell the peas' or ‘peel the boiled egg.'

Have creative options like ‘Take the help of Mom or Dad' to make it more lively. Once the dishes are done, and the winners announced, sit down for a family lunch or dinner.

Live Performance:

Who needs to go out if you or your family have musical talent like singing or playing a musical instrument. Organize a contest with each member showcasing their skill. Let the children be a judge for a change and have winners.

Make Your Staycation a Memorable One

With a creative staycation, you can drive away any boredom. There are online games that you can play or create your own games with things you can get at home. Plan fun games with your family, and maybe you'll discover how talented your family is.

Challenge your friends online and family members offline to games of skill. Make a staycation calendar so that daily activities are planned in advance. Let this staycation be your best vacation.

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