Top 10 products stopped by Google in 2019

With no doubt, Google is one of the biggest and most leading tech firms in the world right now with tons of its services and apps being used by billions of people across the world. Therefore, we hereby present to you, the top 10 products stopped by Google in 2019.

Top 10 products stopped by Google in 2019

Most of Google apps are used across different platforms and devices mostly dominated by desktop and smartphone gadgets. In case you missed our last discussion, we discussed How Google can help you keep your passwords safe and secure.

Although Google is mostly known for its Search engine, most of its existing apps and services are not underused. A good number of them are YouTube, Maps, Chrome, among others.

However, Google has discontinued some of its services this year. It is worthy of note that this is never the first time the leading tech firm will do this. Another fact is that the discontinued services are time-independent i.e. some of these apps have existed for years while some only lasted for a few months.

Below are the top 10 products stopped by Google in 2019.

Google+Top 10 products stopped by Google in 2019

Google+ used to be Google's social website but was discontinued this year. In other words, The discontinued social network was one of the tech firm’s oldest asset having existed for 8 years.

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Google AlloTop 10 products stopped by Google in 2019

Google Allo was Google’s internet-based text messaging app. Above all, it was made available for Android, iOS and web platforms with features like a virtual assistant and can be used in encrypted mode. However, it was later rebranded to Google Chat and lasted for two years.

Inbox by GmailTop 10 products stopped by Google in 2019

Meanwhile, Inbox by Gmail too was shut down by Google earlier this year. Google believed that most of its features were already made available in the Gmail main app. The app existed approximately for 4 years.

YouTube GamingTop 10 products stopped by Google in 2019

Google discontinued the YouTube Gaming service this year after it lasted for 4 years. This service was created and focused to improve gaming videos and live to stream.

Google URL shortener

Google URL shortener was created to shorten URL lengths. It was established and lasted for 9 years.

YouTube MessagesTop 10 products stopped by Google in 2019

Alongside the YouTube Gaming service, Google also discontinued YouTube Messages. The feature used to allow users to send direct messages and share videos. It also lasted for 2 years. It is one of the most recent services to be discontinued by Google.


Areo was Google’s owned mobile application that allowed users to order meals from restaurants and book appointments with local services. Aero was also stopped by Google this year.

Chromecast AudioTop 10 products stopped by Google in 2019

Chromecast Audio – a hardware product of Google that was also discontinued this year. It let users stream audio from any device to a speaker. Chromecast Audio lasted for three years.

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Google Trips

Google Trips let users plan their travel schedule. With Google Trips, users can easily make their flights, hotel, car and restaurant reservations. It lasted for three years.

Data Saver Extension for ChromeTop 10 products stopped by Google in 2019

Data saver extension allows Chrome browser users to surf the web at reduced data usage. It was birthed 4 years ago and discontinued by Google this year.

Finally, it is believed that Google discontinued most of these products and apps in an effort to concentrate better on improving its popular and most-used apps.

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