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Top 3 Apps You Should Be Using With Your Blog

On the quest of making your blog to stand out among your competitors, there are some specific purpose apps you are meant to be used frequently with your blog. This post will focus on the top 3 apps you should be using with your blog to get a better value.

Top 3 Apps You Should Be Using With Your Blog

Top 3 Apps You Should Be Using With Your Blog

These apps are designed for some specific reasons and to achieve a special purpose which will add value to your website if properly used.

Some of these apps are used to track information from visits to your blog, some are used to grade your website for maximum user experience, some also will show the position of your website among other websites in the country you rank for.

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The Top 3 Amazing Blogging Tools

Let’s look into the top 3 apps you should be using with your blog to get a better value for the moment. These apps are;

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Website Grader
  3. Alexa ranking

Google Analytics

This is what I considered the most important of the apps. Analytics measures the traffic visits to your blog. It does not only measure the visits to your blog, but also measure the detail of each visitor.

The details from each visitor range from the number of visits, pages they view, session duration and where they were referred to your blog.

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Others are IP address, the country they are visiting from, the browser they are visiting with, their ISP (internet service provider), among other related information.

There are a good number of analytics apps on the internet, but the one I am more conversant with is Google analytics. Google analytics is very precise in measuring traffic and their details.

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We are still on the top 3 apps you should be using with your blog to get a better value.

To get started with google analytics, visit with your Gmail address and sign up. You will be required to enter some information about your blog and verify the blog ownership.

After this, information regarding the traffic will start showing from the website overview on the google analytics dashboard.

For your convenience, you can install the google analytics plugin from the WordPress blog.

After the installation, activate, set up your analytics information and your profile. The plugin will give traffic information about your blog from your WordPress dashboard.

Website Grader

Website grader is an app designed to grade certain things on your website.

These things are; your performance report, the page size, the page requests, the duration it takes for your blog to load, browser caching, page redirects, compression and render blocking.

Others are how responsive your blog is on mobile, the mobile viewport, SEO details in addition to the sitemap, the page details of your site security, among other information.

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Website grader will help give these reports on your blog and also give tips below on how to improve certain issues on the blog.

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We are still discussing the top 3 apps you should be using with your blog to get a better value.

It is highly recommended to measure how well your blog is doing among other competitors. You can even check competitor blogs to know how well they are doing and be able to step up your game.

To get started with website grader, visit When the page loads, you will be required to enter your website URL and your email address (optional). After this, press enter. All information as listed above about your blog will be displayed on your screen.

Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is an company designed to study the traffic statistics of any website. It ranks websites based on the traffic they get and their source of traffic.

Alexa also gives information about the position of your blog across the world and at some specific countries they receive traffic from. It also shows a map that gives the audience geography.

In addition, it gives information about visitor’s engagement to your website especially by displaying the daily pageviews per visitors and the daily time on site. It also tells you where your traffic and visitors are coming from giving emphasis to most search keywords that brought you visitors from Google.

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Don’t get lost, we are still on the top 3 apps you should be using with your blog!

Alexa ranking helps in analyzing websites your visitors mostly visit before they land on your page and as well as websites they mostly go from your page.

It also gives information about websites linking to your website and information about top websites that are related to yours.

To get started with Alexa Ranking, visit and enter your website URL. After this, press the enter key to get the information required.
Bottom line

The top 3 apps you should be using with your blog discussed above are the basics of every blog. The most beautiful part of this is that they are all free for use except you wish to use their premiums.

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We hope you will check out the top 3 apps you should be using with your blog and give feedback after usage. Thanks for following up on

In case of any question, do not hesitate to use the comment feature below.

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