Types of Hackers and How They Operate

In this post, we shall be discussing the types of hackers and how they operate.

Types of Hackers and How they Operate

Hacking can be lawful and unlawful, depending on the purpose it serves. Hackers can access and get their ways into a tech gadget or device, websites, Wi-Fi networks and more.

According to a report, over 30,000 new websites are hacked daily. Hacking takes place somewhere on averagely of every 39 seconds. This shows how fast and rampant hacking is done nowadays.

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How a System can be Hacked

Hackers first gather information about a targeted person or an organization using network mapping software. The information usually includes their computer's IP Address, MAC Address and more. They break into the system through web defacement by breaking a password and inserting RAT (Remote Access Trojan) or Spyware to collect the information that they need.

Hacking can be good or bad. Below are the categories of hackers around.

Types of Hackers and How they Operate

Black Hat Hackers

A black hat hacker finds vulnerabilities in a system and takes advantage of it. They usually get into a system using a malware attack through software or any other means. They can steal, modify or destroy data extracted from a hacked system.

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Black hat hackers are motivated by different reasons. While most do this for fun, several others indulge in it for financial reasons or the fun of it.

Black hat hackers can cause damage to people, organizations or governments, depending on what they hack and the types of information they steal. Sometimes, they hack just to steal or alter the system, other times, they compromise the security of the system or resolve to shut down the system in its entirety.

When they hack into phones, they can steal confidential credentials like credit cards information, social numbers and other personal information.

The amount of money a black hacker makes depends on the system they hack into. However, if they are caught, they are prosecuted and fined to pay an enormous amount of money or sentenced to jail for 6 months or up to 20 years.

White Hat Hackers

White hat hackers are known as ethical hackers. They usually work as security specialists employees or contract workers for companies using their hacking skills to protect the security system and fix flaws that black hat hackers could exploit.

White hat hackers’ activities on a system are approved and this makes it legal.

Anyone can be trained to be an ethical hacker. You only need to get hacking skills by taking relevant courses, training and certifications.

Grey Hack Haters

Grey hat hackers are more of a combination of black hat and ethical hackers. Like others, they find vulnerabilities in a system, but without the prior permission of the owner. However, if they find fault in the system, they report to the owner and threaten to fix a price.

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Also, they can also sell stolen data if the system owner disagrees and could take it to the extent of sharing their discoveries online.

Grey hat hacking is illegal too, just like the black hat counterpart.

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