Recent Updates: All Thrive Themes Plugins Free Download

All Thrive Themes Plugins Free Download – Thrive Themes are one of the best developers of premium themes and plugins for WordPress. Most of their products are aimed at increasing the time used by visitors by providing valuable elements they can interact with.

Latest Update: All Thrive Themes Plugins Free Download

Thrive Themes plugins are the right tools you need to turn your website visitors into subscribers. Their plugins include Thrive Architect v3.9.3 (Visual editor), Thrive Leads v3.7.3, Thrive Quiz Builder v3.7.3, Thrive Headline Optimizer v2.3.1, Thrive Ultimatum v3.7.3, Thrive Ovation v3.7.2, Thrive Comments v2.7.2, Thrive Optimize v2.7.3, Thrive Clever widgets v2.9.1 and Thrive apprentice v4.3.3.

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Sales Page of Thrive Themes Plugins

If you would like to purchase a personal licensed copy of Thrive Themes plugins, please refer to the sales page.

All Thrive Themes Plugins Free Download Links

Thrive Architect v3.9.3 Free Download (Visual Page Builder/Editor)

Thrive Architect plugin is Thrive Themes drag and drop page builder. It is a visual page builder that makes it easy to create conversion-focused pages. The plugin performs similar functions to other popular page builders like Elementor, Divi, WPBakery, and Beaver page builder.

Download Link Here

Thrive Optimize v2.7.3 Free Download

Thrive Optimize plugin allows performing split testing on landing pages and in turn, helps to discover which page works better. It is a good plugin to increase user engagement.

Thrive Optimize is an add-on to Thrive Architect plugin.

Download Link Here

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Thrive Leads v3.7.3 Free Download – (List Building Plugin)

Thrive Leads is a list builder plugin that allows users to opt-in for newsletters. It serves as a very helpful tool in building a mailing list by inserting a subscription form on a WordPress website and gives a performance report of such forms for assessment.

Download Link Here

Thrive Quiz Builder v3.7.3 Free Download

Thrive Quiz Builder helps to create engaging quizzes for your website visitors. It helps to better understand the interest of visitors coming to your website and also assists to let you know the kind of content they want.

Thrive Quiz Builder is the best choice if your utmost priority is how to serve your visitors better.

Download Link Here

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Thrive Headline Optimizer v2.3.1 Free Download

Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin allows you to submit different headlines for a post and in turn, shows a different version to different users. However, the plugin reports the best performing headline over time.

Thrive Heading Optimizer Plugin is a great tool to improve your site click-through rate on search engines.

Download Link Here

Thrive Ultimatum v3.7.3 Free Download

Thrive Ultimatum plugin helps to display a countdown timer on your site. The countdown timer can be used in a way to make your visitors take a particular action before the time lapses. It is a good tool that can be used to increase sales on eCommerce websites.

Download Link Here

Thrive Ovation v3.7.2 Free Download

Thrive Ovation helps to collect website visitors' testimony and display them on your website. It makes new visitors have better trust in your website. The plugin also allows you to convert WordPress comments into testimonies easily.

Download Link Here

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Thrive Comments v2.7.2 Free Download

Thrive Comments plugins have an easy commenting system encoded with all modern features. One of the good features of this plugin is the upvote-downvote feature and the ability to share comments.

Thrive Comments helps to increase user engagement by converting regular readers into subscribers.

Download Link Here

Thrive Clever Widgets v2.9.1 Free Download

Thrive Clever Widgets plugin allows you to display relevant content in widgets in a clever manner just like the name suggests. You can easily control what content is shown in widgets based on categories, tags, posts types, or any other page rules.

Download Link Here

Thrive Apprentice v4.3.3 Free Download

Thrive Apprentice Plugin is a tool for building online classes. It is considered a better alternative to the popular LMS plugins.

Download Link Here

Note: Do not attempt to update any of the thrive themes plugins from your WordPress Dashboard. This may lead to crashing your website. You can always visit this page for new updates.

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