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VyprVPN: the most comprehensive VPN solution on the market today



The internet feels like a less free place than it was just a decade ago. Authoritarian governments are blocking any site that paints them in a bad light. Corporations restrict access to content based on imaginary lines on a map. Worst of all, ever since the Edward Snowden revelations, we’ve started censoring ourselves before writing or saying things online, as we fear Big Brother is monitoring everything we are doing.


Thankfully, there is a way to take back some of the freedom that made the internet awesome in the first place. VPNs (or Virtual Private Networks) provide encrypted connections that are nearly impossible to break. Not only that, but they are also able to spoof your location. This makes it easy to visit your favourite websites and view content no matter where you are in the world.

There are numerous VPN products to choose from, but only a handful have emerged as market leaders. VyprVPN is part of that group, and in our opinion, we feel it is the best overall solution for most internet users.

In this post, we’ll profile VyprVPN and explain how its features can help make your internet experience awesome again.

Who is VyprVPN?

VyprVPN was created by Golden Frog, a company that produces privacy-centred products that protect its users without sacrificing performance.

Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis founded the company in response to the uncovering of Room 641A. This was a space within an AT&T facility in San Francisco the NSA used in their preliminary efforts to spy on American citizens.

It had access to internet backbone traffic, which was scanned and analyzed by the Narus STA 6400, a device designed to bring communications of interest to the attention of America’s security apparatus. An AT&T employee blew the whistle on this project in 2006, shocking Ron & Carolyn into founding Golden Frog.

Rather than be subject to US laws, which treat privacy concerns like an inconvenience, they opted to incorporate their company in Switzerland. With some of the most stringent laws on the planet regarding personal privacy, it has provided them with the legal protections needed to offer one of the best VPNs on the planet to its customers.

What does VyprVPN bring to the table?

The principles Golden Frog stands for sound noble, but does VyprVPN, its virtual network, holds its own compared to the competition?

VyperVPN offers more than 700 servers in 73 distinct locations. This is a modest amount compared to other players in the VPN industry, but VyprVPN distinguishes itself by owning every server they run. This greatly increases security, while making their service faster than others on the internet.

While other players have more servers than VyprVPN, it matters little if they all get blacklisted by a state actor like China. The Chameleon Protocol is VyprVPN’s secret weapon, as this proprietary technology uses unspecified tactics to evade attempts by nations and corporations to block it from passing through their firewalls.

On top of all this, VyprVPN users enjoy unrestricted downloading, access to over 200,000 IP addresses, and excellent customer service that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

When you consider all these advantages, it is no surprise VyprVPN consistently ranks among the best virtual private networks on the web.

Why is VyprVPN is a safer option than its competition?

All the above-mentioned features sound amazing, but there are cheaper options available. Why does it matter what VPN you choose? There are a couple of big reasons why VyprVPN stands heads and shoulders above its contemporaries.

Location is the biggest issue. America and other developed nations have passed laws in recent years (like the USA Patriot Act) that can compel businesses to surrender data to the government under the guise of ‘national security’. As such, any VPN based in the United States could end up on the receiving end of a subpoena that would force them to sell out the privacy of their users.

Golden Frog is incorporated in Switzerland, home to some of the strictest privacy laws in the world. Here, the right to personal privacy is enshrined in the Swiss Constitution (Article 13). Further, Swiss laws like the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance safeguard business and personal data from being tracked without the user’s knowledge.

Finally, the Swiss Supreme Court has ruled IP addresses originating from within its borders count as personal data. As a result, users accessing VyperVPN’s servers from anywhere on the planet are entitled to the same protections as Swiss citizens.

Laws aside, VyperVPN’s setup makes it a safer VPN to use than the competition. Many providers make use of third-party servers, which makes it hard to guarantee whether or not they are truly secure. VyperVPN’s servers are all owned and maintained by Golden Frog, a company that has made internet privacy its mission.

At the end of the day, using a trusted VPN is better than surfing the net without one. However, the unique features that VyprVPN offers make it well worth the $6.67 per month they charge for their premium service.

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