W3 Total Cache Pro v2.2.1 Premium WordPress Plugin Free Download

Download W3 Total Cache Pro v2.2.1 Premium WordPress Cache Plugin – W3 Total Cache provides a solution to every website caching problem. The pro version does unlock the premium features provided by the plugin.

W3 Total Cache Pro v2.2.1 Premium WordPress Plugin Free Download

W3 Total Cache Pro works with fragment caching which is the midway between no caching at all and full-page caching since it is not necessary to cache every page for improved performance.

The cache plugin also gives room for innovation by allowing third parties to make contributions to its development without having to be a core project developer to contribute.

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W3 Total Cache Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Improvements in search engine result page rankings
  • At least 10x improvement in overall site performance
  • Improved conversion rates
  • “Instant” repeat page views: browser caching
  • Optimized progressive render
  • Reduced page load time:
  • Increased visitor time on site
  • Visitors view more pages
  • Improved web server performance
  • Up to 80% bandwidth savings when you minify HTML, minify CSS, and minify JS files.
  • Compatible with shared hosting, virtual private/dedicated servers, and dedicated servers/clusters
  • Transparent content delivery network (CDN) management with Media Library, theme files and WordPress itself
  • Mobile support: respective caching of pages by referrer or groups of user agents including theme switching for groups of referrers or user agents
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support
  • Caching of (minified and compressed) pages and posts in memory or on disk or (FSD) CDN (by user agent group)
  • The caching of (minified and compressed) CSS and JavaScript in memory, on disk or CDN
  • Caching of feeds (site, categories, tags, comments, search results) in memory or on disk or CDN
  • Caching of search results pages (i.e. URIs with query string variables) in memory or on disk
  • Caching of database objects in memory or on disk
  • Caching of objects in memory or on disk
  • Also caching of fragments in memory or on disk
  • Caching methods include local Disk, Redis, Memcached, APC, APCu, eAccelerator, XCache, and WinCache
  • Minify CSS, Minify JavaScript and Minify HTML with granular control
  • Minification of posts and pages and RSS feeds
  • Minification of inline, embedded or 3rd party JavaScript with automated updates to assets
  • Also minification of inline, embedded or 3rd party CSS with automated updates to assets
  • Defer non-critical CSS and JavaScript for rendering pages faster than ever before
  • Defer offscreen images using Lazy Load to improve the user experience
  • Browser caching using cache-control, future expire headers and entity tags (ETag) with “cache-busting”
  • JavaScript grouping by template (home page, post page, etc.) with embed location control
  • Non-blocking JavaScript embedding
  • Import post attachments directly into the Media Library (and CDN)
  • Leverage our multiple CDN integrations to optimize images
  • WP-CLI support for cache purging, query string updating and more
  • Various security features to help ensure website safety
  • Caching statistics for performance insights of any enabled feature
  • Extension framework for customization or extensibility for Cloudflare, WPML and much more
  • Reverse proxy integration via Nginx or Varnish
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What's New in Version v2.2.1?

  • Fixed CSS minify URL rewrite logic that affected some lazy loading and CSS URL addresses using protocols
  • Added lazy loading for Google Maps
  • Added a filter w3tc_minify_css_content for minified contents
  • Fixed a minify regex issue in non-Unicode websites
  • Also fixed a PHP notice in WPMU: accessing array offset on null
  • Fixed a minify issue where embedded CSS URL fragments were converted incorrectly
  • i18n improvement
  • Changed default to disabled for wp-admin requests in the object cache
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Preview Page of W3 Total Cache Pro

To live preview the plugin, you can visit the demo page.

Free Download W3 Total Cache Pro v2.2.1 Premium WordPress Cache Plugin

Download Link Here

ALTERNATIVE PLUGIN: WP Rocket Premium Cache Plugin

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