What Does “Instagram User” Mean in Instagram DM?

You probably have seen “Instagram User” all over the internet, and you couldn't help but wonder what this term mean.

What Does "Instagram User" Mean in Instagram DM?

The term “Instagram User” is common on the internet. One of the familiar places you find the term is inside your Instagram DMs (direct messages).

You could open a chat with a friend and get to see Instagram User as their username rather than seeing their Instagram username. Usually, username names are shown inside DMs. This should make you wonder why you see “Instagram User” instead.

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Besides, you can also see “Instagram User” on a profile rather than their username or profile name.

What Does "Instagram User" Mean in Instagram DM?

Below, we have explained all of that.

What Does Instagram User Mean?

When you see Instagram User on an account or as the profile name in a DM, the account owner has probably blocked you or deleted their Instagram account.

If an Instagram account blocks you, you can no longer see their username. Instead, you will only see “Instagram User” on their profile and even inside DM. Besides, their posts and stories will no longer be visible to you.

This is a measure already put in place by Instagram in order not to reveal the identity of an account that blocks the other. Although, if you chatted with them recently, referring to the chat will help you know who blocked you.

Reading through a chat should help you remember who you exchange the chat. Thus, you will be able to identify whose account has blocked you.

However, bear in mind that you won't also see the usernames of deleted Instagram accounts.

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deleted IG accounts

Does seeing Instagram User means I am blocked?

In most cases, the account owner has blocked you. Hence, you would see “Instagram User” instead of their username. However, it could simply mean that the account has been deleted.

The most familiar occurrence of it is when you are blocked. Remember that once you are blocked on Instagram, you will not be able to send a message or view the profile, posts or stories of the account that blocked you.

Every part of their profile information, including the profile picture, profile name and username, becomes hidden. Therefore, if you have stopped seeing all of this on an account, you are probably blocked by that person. Otherwise, they have deleted their account.

What is Instagram User in DM?

Seeing an Instagram User instead of a username in your DM (direct messages) is probably because the account has blocked you. If this is the case, you will realize that their profile picture is missing the chat when you open the chat.

However, messages you have exchanged will remain untampered unless you have enabled vanish mode.

If an account blocks you on Instagram, you won't be able to see their name when you visit their profile. Instead, you will only see “Instagram User”.

This is a measure set aside so as not to be able to recognize the account that blocked you. However, reading through the messages you have exchanged with them can still reveal who they are.

How do you find out who an “Instagram User” is?

To know who the “Instagram User” that probably has blocked you is, refer to your DM. Check the previous messages you had with them.

Go to Instagram Messenger and open the chat with “Instagram User”. Go through the messages and see if they can help you identify the user.

You should recognize who that is, especially if the chat was exchanged recently. However, if the chat is from way back, you may find it difficult to identify them.

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If you cannot identify an Instagram account that has blocked you, hope is not lost yet. You can still use a third-party app to know who blocked you on Instagram. Check on App Store if you have an iPhone or Google Play Store if you use an Android smartphone for some pretty good apps that have the feature.


The Instagram usernames of the account that blocked you will become hidden and replaced with “Instagram User”. It is not because the Instagram server is down like some people think.

Even though, sometimes, the user could have probably deleted their account. If not, they have blocked you.

You will be able to confirm further if you use multiple IG accounts. But, unless you can identify the account by checking your DM, you won't be able to clarify whether you are blocked, or they have deleted their account.

In the end, you can install a third-party app with this feature if you cannot still identify the “Instagram user”, especially if they have enabled vanish mode.

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