What features are on Snapchat Plus?

Would you like to get more from Snapchat? Here, we have explained all the features you can find on Snapchat Plus.

How to Get Snapchat Plus for Free

Snapchat Plus is the premium version of Snapchat. It offers a $3.99 monthly subscription service with many additional features. The features available in Snapchat Plus include ghost trails, best friends forever, and a story rewatch indicator.

Snapchat users on the subscription plan can also use custom app icons and themes and the Snapchat+ badge. Besides, they get the friend solar system.

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The premium features are only available for users on the Snapchat subscription plan, Snapchat+. However, with time, Snapchat has revealed that more features will be added to the premium plan.

How to Get Snapchat Plus for Free

Below, we have listed and explained the features of Snapchat Plus (Snapchat+).

The Features of Snapchat Plus

  1. Ghost Trails

Ghost trails allow you to see the location of your friends in the last 24 hours. You can see the location of your friends when you tap on their Bitmoji from the Snap Map.

Remember that you can only see the Ghost trails of your friend if Snapchat+ is enabled in their region and they have made their location visible to you.

  1. Best Friends Forever

With Snapchat Plus, users will be able to pin their friends. When a friend is pinned, it will make them your #1 Best Friend.

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To pin a friend, go to the “Chat” or “Sent To” screen, then tap and hold their name. Select “Pin as your #1 Best Friend”.

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However, the feature only allows you to pin a friend at a time. To pin someone else, you have to unpin the previously pinned friend.

  1. Story Rewatch Indicator

The story rewatch indicator lets you know who rewatched your stories, including all the snaps posted as private and shared stories. The number beside the eye emoji tells you the number of friends that rewatched your story.

However, it won't tell you how many times they rewatch. Hence, “👀10” means ten friends have already rewatched your story.

  1. Custom App Icons and Themes

Snapchat+ also lets you change your app icon. Although, this feature is only exclusive to Snapchat users using iOS devices. Android users on the premium plan would have to wait for this feature.

To change your app icon, visit your Snapchat profile, then go to Snapchat+ membership card. Now, locate the App Icon option and select an app icon.

  1. Snapchat+ Badge

When you subscribe to Snapchat+, a badge is awarded and attached to your display name. The black star badge”✪”is only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers.

With this badge, your friends will quickly identify you as a Snapchat+ subscriber. Note that this badge is disabled by default.

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To use the badge, you can enable it from your Profile. Go to the Snapchat+ membership card and choose the Snapchat+ Badge option.

  1. Friend Solar System

The Friend Solar System feature displays your eight closest friends on Snapchat, including you, with the Solar System. Being Best Friends indicates that the eight of you are closest friends, while Friends shows that you are the closest friends to the eight, but they aren't to you.

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To use the Friend Solar System, select the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge on the gold border.


The Snapchat Plus plan was recently introduced. At the moment, a good number of users are giving it a try. However, you can use the free trial to test the features.

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How to Get Snapchat Plus for Free

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