What Little Miss Am I Test

Do you want to know more about the latest trend online? We have explained how to take the “What Little Miss Am I” Test here.

What Little Miss Am I Test

Instagram helps to discover many social trends online. Most times, new trends are introduced on the social media platform weekly.

As a result, it has helped many users to discover how creative they are while having the fun of their life.

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Like many other trends, the Little Miss memes recently emerged on Instagram and are currently trending across other major social media platforms.

It contains characters from the children's book series “Little Miss” and has gone viral on Instagram. The trend is played using screenshots of the characters and scenes from the series that best describe their present moods and personalities.

These screenshots are posted and given the best caption making them more relevant on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Surprisingly, many Instagram users are joining the trend. Hence, it became more popular on the platform.

Below, we have explained how to take the “What Little Miss Am I” Test.

What Little Miss Am I Test

How to Take the “What Little Miss Am I” Test?

To take the “What Little Miss Am I” Test, you must follow the following steps.

1.     Visit the Test Page

Visit the uquiz.com website and select the “What Little Miss Am I” Test option. You can also go to the trending section to see the “Which Little Miss Do I Think You Are?” Test.

2.     Enter Your name

Once on the Test page, you must first enter your name. Afterwards, select the Start Quiz option.

You are encouraged to use your name as it appears on the social media platform you are sharing the result.

3.     Take the Test

Once you select Start Quiz, you will be presented with some random questions that need to be answered. The questions will be shown on your screen, and you need to answer them.

The answers provided will be used to decide the result of the test. Therefore, ensure you choose the correct answers to get an accurate result.

Also, all questions are mandatory. This means that you won't be able to proceed to the next question unless you have answered the current one.

When you have answered a question correctly, select the Next option to see the next question.

Examples of such questions are:

Pick a random song that's on my “Top 100” playlist, Cocktail of choice?, What's your dream life?, Pick a Squishmallow and more.

4.     View your Result

Once you have answered all the questions under this test, you will see the result on the last page. The result page has one character of Little Miss and their name with some text.

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The character of Little Miss in your result is the one you look like. For example, if you get the “Little Miss Nic Fein” character, you will get the following description.

“Nicotine got to you gooood. You crave a good Hyde or Elf Bar all the while insisting to your friends that you're “not addicted” when we all know that you are.

You are a social person: your vape, or the quest to find someone who does have one, means that you attract people to you in whatever setting you're in.

You provide for your friends and are extremely fun to be around because of your giving nature, though you do know when to ask for help or for a favor in the right settings.

You also love parties and having fun, but constantly look for an escape when school or things in your personal life get a bit stressful.

You love to teach yourself all the crazy vape tricks; my personal fav is ghosting. All in all, I fear for your lungs, but also YOLO.”

5.     Share your Result on TikTok

After viewing your result, it is time to share it with your friends and followers. Take a screenshot of the result page and share it on social media.

You can share it on your social media accounts on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.


How to Use Little Miss Filter on TikTok?

To Use Little Miss Filter on TikTok, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the TikTok app and go to your Profile.
  2. Next, select the “+” symbol, then go to Effect.
  3. Locate the search bar on top of the page and search for “Little Miss”. You will have a good number of filters to use.
  4. Please choose the one you like and make a video with it.
  5. Once your video is ready, you can post and share it with other TikTok users.

The Little Miss Memes Meaning

Social media users are using the Little Miss trend to create memes which can be used to communicate their moods and insecurities. It can quickly reveal a person's personality through the character used in the meme.

Each Little Miss character used in the meme emerges from Roger Hargreaves' books and is posted with a caption.

The Little Miss Memes Origin

The “Little Miss” meme was first seen on Instagram in 2022. It was created by @juulpuppy, with over 51,000 people reacting to it.

Her first post on Instagram related to this trend was “Little Miss Borderline Personality Disorder”.

After her post, the trend continued as more similar memes were created on Instagram by @littlemissnotesapp and other notable accounts.

However, according to Know Your Meme, the website with the largest meme database, it was disclosed that the meme was already seen on Tumblr in 2021.

The meme has a character from the “Mr Men” or “Little Miss” series. These characters are related to the mood or personality of someone who wants to partake in the trend.

How the Little Miss and Mr Memes Started

The Little Miss and Mr. memes started originally on Tumblr. It was later introduced recently on Instagram and has been adopted on TikTok and Twitter.

The meme has become more popular, which led to a trend. Related posts about the memes on Twitter use the hashtag #LittleMissMemes which is currently trending.

The trend was started on Instagram by @juulpuppy and carried to TikTok by @starbucksslayqueen.

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Although, @littlemissnotesapp later introduced more memes on the trend, making it more popular on Instagram. Many creators tag the “Little Miss” trend in their Instagram videos to get more views and likes. Twitter and TikTok users aren't left out of this trend.

Most users create the “Little Miss” or “Mr Men” memes from scratch using photo editing tools. There is no app for making it at the moment.

How to Create Little Miss Meme?

To create Little Miss memes, kindly follow the steps below:

1.     Visit the Little Miss Wiki page

Start from the Little Miss Character Wiki page and select a character you like.

2.     Screenshot or download the photo

After identifying a character you like, you need to save its picture. You can do this by taking a screenshot or downloading the photo.

If you take a screenshot of the little miss character, you need to crop it.

3.     Edit the photo

Upload the screenshot to any photo editing app on your phone and edit. You can write on the picture using a similar font to the one used online but in black text.

4.     Your meme is ready

Finally, the Little Miss meme is done, and you can now participate in the trend. Open your social media app and post about the Little Miss memes.

However, the @littlemissnotesapp Instagram user has uploaded a ton of Little Miss memes which you can pick from.

Visit the page and find the one that suits your mood or personality, download or screenshot, and then post it.

Little Miss Meme Creator Apps and Websites

Some of the best Little Miss meme creator apps and websites are Canva, Phonto, PicsArt, Piczoo and Snapseed.

While creating the Little Miss meme, the font used by the English author Roger Hargreaves for the Mr Men books remains unknown. Still, you can try Optima, Futura, Univers, Trebuchet MS and Helvetica similar fonts.

Little Miss and Mr Men Memes Font

The font used by the English author, Roger Hargreaves, in his Mr Men book is unknown. However, there are other similar fonts you can use for the meme.

You can try fonts like Optima, Futura, Univers, Trebuchet MS and Helvetica. If you choose any of these fonts, your text will fit the one used in Mr Men and Little Miss book.



The Little Miss meme is a trend on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. You can also make the Little Miss meme by selecting your favourite character from the Wiki page and editing.

Alternatively, you can find the Little Miss meme character that suits your mood or personality, download or screenshot it, and then post it. Remember to add the #littlemiss hashtag in your posts to attract more views, likes and comments.

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What Little Miss Am I Test

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