WhatsApp Business App Now Available For Downloads on Android

WhatsApp Business App is a new app designed by the facebook-owned company, to help businesses interact with their customers. The importance of this app cannot be over-emphasized, as it will facilitate the growth of many businesses, thus, generating revenue.

WhatsApp Business App

The WhatsApp Business has been made available for download by a third-party website and, separately, a Google Play link for the app has been spotted as well. Don't get it twisted, this app won't interfer with your regular WhatsApp app, but it is likely to have the same green chat logo with the letter B in the center. The WhatsApp Business will also have the same layout as the messaging platform with a search bar and Settings icon on top.

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There will be tabs for Chats, Calls and Status. Under the Settings option, you will see additions such as Business Settings and Statistics. From the Statistics option, you can see the number of messages that were sent, delivered, read and received as well.

WhatsApp Business App

Where To Download The App?
Download WhatsApp Business App here for free on your Android device.

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