Why You Need to Format Your Android Phone

This post will be guiding you on Why You Need to Format Your Android Phone. Sometimes our Android Devices got faulty and this makes us to finally visit a repair engineer for repair.

Why You Need to Format Your Android Phone

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In the process, you might be told that it's necessary for them to format your gadget. Although your don't need to format sometimes, you are only being told do they could earn their cash from you.

Even if you need to format your Android Phone, it's a simple thing you can do by yourself without paying to anyone.

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Why You Need to Format Your Android Phone

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There are a lot of reasons to format your Android phone but we will be discussing a few of them in the post. The reasons however include;

  1. When you need to sell your device or gift your phone to someone.
  2. In the case of returning your device back to the Maker for service (necessary to keep your personal data safe).
  3. When you are no longer in control of the system due to excessive lag and overheating.
  4. In the process of wiping out a virus from your device.
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Note: Before formatting a device, consider backing up the files and data so as not to lose everything in the process.

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