WordPress Automatic v3.55.6 Plugin Free Download

WordPress Automatic v3.55.6 Plugin Free Download – WordPress Automatic Plugin is designed and developed by ValvePress to serve content scraping purposes for WordPress websites.

WordPress Automatic v3.55.6 Plugin Free Download

The plugin allows us to auto-post regular articles including ClickBank products, Amazon products, YouTube videos, feed posts, and other types of posts easily. A user is only required to create a campaign while the WordPress Automatic Plugin will perform the rest of the task by posting the contents according to the campaign settings on autopilot.

Creating a campaign with the WordPress Automatic Plugin is easy. It can be created by selecting a new campaign directly from the WordPress dashboard. Other values to be entered afterwards are campaign type, campaign keywords, post template, post-filters, among others.


WordPress Automatic Plugin can scrape content from almost all popular social sites, affiliate sites. It provides regular site support with 20+ campaign types. Also, you can spin posted content using the “the best spinner” option. All that is required is to create the best spinner account on the settings page of this plugin. After, you can select spin content options while creating a campaign to see how it works.

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WordPress Automatic also supports Amazon and ClickBank affiliate autopilot sites. You only need to set up your Amazon API properly and enter your ClickBank username and the plugin will create product posts with your affiliate links automatically.

Some features of the WordPress Automatic Plugin

  • Amazon affiliate API support
  • Search and replace words in the article option
  • ClickBank products with the affiliate link support
  • Ads options
  • Ezine Articles API
  • The Best Spinner support for content rewriting
  • Flicker API Support
  • YouTube API Support
  • WooCommerce Support
  • iTunes affiliate options
  • Envato affiliate support
  • Allow to setup update frequency
  • Limit maximum number of posts
  • Post template option
  • Auto featured image
  • Different post-filters support
  • Translate the post before posting
  • WPML language support
  • Auto posts from RSS feed
  • Auto posts Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and ClickBank Products.

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WordPress Automatic v3.55.6 Plugin Free Download

What's New in WordPress Automatic Version 3.55.6?

  • NEW: Multi-page scraper next page URL fixed pattern support example.com/page/[page_number].
  • YouTube now uses playlist items API endpoint when posting from a specific channel that reduces used quota.
  • Feeds module can now import from RSS feeds that do not contain a link tag.
  • Added a button on the campaign page to reactivate all keywords at once.
  • Feeds/Multi-page scraper lazy loading now fixes images with single quotes on src attributes.
  • Fix Amazon import without API key algorithm enhancement to bypass block.
  • Facebook event descriptions now get imported after recent FB changes.
  • NEW: content template tag [title_words_as_hashtags].
  • Amazon import without an API key algorithm updated to bypass blockage.
  • Instagram cached images now have a correct name if generated from the title.
  • Google translation from Japanese corrected when containing a bracket.
  • The strip links option now does not affect aside tags.
  • And Some other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Sales Page of Latest WordPress Automatic Plugin

To buy a personal licensed copy of the plugin, kindly refer to the official sales page.

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WordPress Automatic v3.55.6 Plugin Free Download


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