WP Optimize Premium v3.2.6 WordPress Boost Plugin Free Download

Download WP Optimize Premium v3.2.6 WordPress Boost Plugin – WP Optimize Premium plugin is an all-in-tool one that cleans the database, compresses large images, and enables caching on a WordPress website.

WP Optimize Premium v3.2.6 WordPress Boost Plugin Free Download

It is considered an effective tool to speed up a website through better optimization. Also, WP Optimize helps to boost a website SEO, and improve traffic by reducing user bounce rate.

WP Optimize retains a set number of weeks' data during clean-ups for retrieval. It carries out automatic clean-ups and works without the need for manual queries. All that is required is to set up the plugin and it will perform its optimization functions all by itself.

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WP Optimize Premium displays database table statistics. This is quite useful if you want to monitor or check your figures from the dashboard. It cleans up auto draft posts and deletes Akismet and other stale metadata from comments. Also, it removes stale post revisions and post trash.

WP Optimize Premium removes automatic notifications, acknowledgements, and references. It takes care of unapproved, spam, or trashed comments by considering them for automatic deletion. Besides, it removes temporary options kept in the database.

WP Optimize allows retrieval and reversal of original images and other elements at any point in time and retains image information even after it is compressed, and gives access to the original image data. You can allow automatically compress images when they are added to the site from the settings option. It also allows us to compress HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

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Besides, you can compress bulk-compress all existing images on a website at a single click. Images compressed are always at the best image quality, not blurred. Also, orphaned images and images exceeding certain size limits can be easily removed from your website.

WP Optimize Premium ensures the cache is ever-ready and loaded at all times for speed loading. You can choose to cache the pages you need and exclude logged-in users, specific URLs, or cookies from your cached option.

It gives instructions to browsers to reuse resources from their last request if there are no changes ever since. You can optimize any WordPress website using this amazing tool. There are several advanced options to choose from. An example is the ability to optimize individual DB tables.

WP Optimize only loads the parts of a web page that is visible to a user, making the page load faster. It makes use of a sophisticated scheduling system to make routine optimizations and send log messages to three additional locations.

The caching system works smoothly for multiple languages or currencies enabled websites.

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WP Optimize Premium WordPress Plugin Features

  • Retain data during clean-ups
  • Easy optimization
  • Automatic
  • Statistics
  • Enabled for admin only
  • Set notifications
  • Drafts
  • Comments
  • Trash
  • Trackbacks and pingbacks
  • Spam Removal
  • Transient options
  • Restore originals function
  • EXIF data-keeping
  • Auto-compress function
  • Compress big files function
  • Bulk compression
  • Lossy or Lossless compression options
  • Cache preloading
  • Gzip compression
  • Device-specific cache
  • Advanced exclude rules
  • Browser cache
  • Multisite support
  • Choice and flexibility
  • Remove unwanted images
  • Lazy load
  • Scheduling
  • Logging and reporting
  • Multilingual and multi-currency compatible
  • Premium support
  • Run from WP-CLI
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Preview Page OF WP Optimize

You can live preview the plugin from the official page.

Free Download WP Optimize Premium v3.2.6 WordPress Plugin

You can download the WP Optimize Premium v3.2.6 WordPress Plugin for free from the links below.

Download Link Here

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